Wolcott is the easternmost town in Lamoille County covering 40.5 Square miles. The town abuts Hyde Park to the west, Elmore to the south, Hardwick to the southeast and Craftsbury to the northeast. It is located 52 miles from Burlington and 26 miles from Montpelier.

There are just over 55 miles of roads in the town. The main east-west highway is Rt. 15. Wolcott village is located on Rt. 15 adjacent to the Lamoille River. There are 545 housing units in the town and 128 vacation homes. Wolcott’s population is 1,456; twice as many residents as 30 years ago.

Wolcott has three major bodies of water in the town. The most significant body of water is the 68 acre Wolcott Pond, followed by the 21 acre man-made Wapanaki Lake. The Lamoille River flows from the southeast to the northwest across the southern part of Wolcott for about 8 miles. Five major tributaries to the Lamoille flow through the town. The town currently has zoning and subdivision regulations.

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