Junk and Litter Committee

The Litter Committee had a very busy 2022. In April, the Litter Committee organized and held
Wolcott’s first Bulk Waste Day. On Saturday April 23rd a total of 54 residents brought large
items (mattresses, tires, couches, etc.) to the Transfer Station.

On Saturday, May 7th the Litter Committee organized the spring Green Up Day effort with road
captains and teams cleaning the roadsides of Wolcott. We had 35 volunteers cleaning 16 miles
and 146 bags of trash collected. There were 43 tires and 6 rims also collected. The Litter
Committee also held a fall Green Up Day on Saturday, October 22 with 25 bags of trash and two
bags of bottles and cans collected.

The Committee also provided Transfer Station access to Andy Duff and his many volunteers
who kayak the Lamoille River in search of debris in which there is good bit. The project was
supported by the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District by way of a grant to
offset Transfer Station costs.

The Litter Committee has brought in two permanent textile recycling receptacles from Helpsy
that are located at the Wolcott Transfer Station. Helpsy is an organization that collects textiles
and recycles the fibers into new clothes. Better yet, they keep textiles out of the landfill.
The committee is looking forward to researching and promoting to our legislative representatives
a program to recycle mattresses. Several states have adopted such programs with significant
positive impact on the landfills.


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