Why Wolcott Wastewater?

A community wastewater system for Wolcott Village would boost rural economic development, protect existing and future housing, and safeguard the environment.

We have a unique funding opportunity. A significant amount of funding is already secured. This helps make a community system for the Village as affordable and feasible as possible for all Wolcott residents. We will lose funding if we do not take advantage now (if you don’t use it, you lose it).

  • $2.56 million in ARPA funding has already been awarded. Additional state ARPA funding is possible.
  • $250,000 in DEC Village Wastewater Planning Grant loan forgiveness is expected.
  • Received $640,000 CRRP Grant.
  • Wolcott has applied for $1.4 million in additional ARPA funding.
  • Construction costs can cover the cost of hooking up for homes in the service area at the time of construction.

There will be two votes in June

School Vote on June 4 and a Town Vote on June 11.

  1. A school district vote will be to site the dispersal system at the school’s athletic fields.
  2. A town vote will be to fund the difference in capital costs after all grants have been awarded.

Maintenance fees to be paid by Village wastewater system users.

Proposed service area

The proposed service area boundaries are approximately the same as the designated Village Center, plus roughly ¼ mile.



The proposed community wastewater system is a Septic Tank and Effluent Pump (STEP) system.

  • “STEP” Tanks collect sewage from buildings at each property that hooks up to the system. Solids settle out in the tanks and will be pumped periodically.
  • The remaining wastewater effluent from the tanks is sent from each property to sewer pipes in the street.
  • As the wastewater is collected from all properties, it will reach a collection pump station near the Town Forest.
  • A pressurized pipe sends “doses” of collected wastewater from the pump station to the “public leach field,” aka disposal field, up the hill to fields at the elementary school.
  • The disposal field will include subsurface drip disposal lines, which are shallow, small tubes that release the effluent into the soil.
  • You can read more about the proposed system and alternatives considered in the Preliminary Engineering Report linked on our Wastewater Committee page.


Activities or development a community wastewater system could support:

  • Help Wolcott capitalize on the Village’s location as a stopping point along the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.
  • New community gathering places and local businesses (i.e., Old Schoolhouse turning into potential café; repurposing MSI/Old Bucks building).
  • New job opportunities from businesses that grow in Wolcott.
  • Housing – maintaining existing homes and developing new mixed housing availability.
    • Support local visions and dreams for businesses, multi-use properties.
  • Create a welcoming environment for folks in Wolcott and visitors, by developing public restrooms and business establishments.
  • Other efforts could align to make the Village an attractive stopping point for tourists, including:
    • The new School Street bridge
    • The Town Forest
    • A woodworking/art gallery
    • Event spaces

Maintaining or developing new homes and businesses will help grow the Grand List. Residences in the service area could add another bedroom or have an accessory apartment. This can help increase property values.

  • Potential new students will help maintain the Wolcott school.

A community wastewater system will help protect water quality. Septic systems in the Village need replacement. Aging and failing systems were impacted during the July 2023 flood. The environmental conditions of properties in the Village area are not well-suited for on-site septic systems.

  • Small lots, close to drinking water wells.
  • Shallow to bedrock.
  • In the mapped floodplain/river corridor.

The public system will help ensure wastewater does not back up into homes during future flood events. The new system can be designed to be more flood resilient. With the dispersal portion of the system near the elementary school, the “public/shared leach field” will be up the hill away from the river.

Governor Scott recommended supporting a wastewater project in Wolcott, to help revitalize places like Wolcott and other rural Towns and Villages in Vermont.

Interested in learning more? Join our Wastewater Committee meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:00PM, at the Wolcott Town Office or by Zoom.

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