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Flood Updates and Assistance Programs

Emergency shelter is open until further notice

The Wolcott Town Office is open 24/7 for people to take a shower, rest, WiFi, phone, drinking water or use the kitchen area.

  • Shower Facility
  • Small Kitchen
  • Drinking Water
  • Public Wifi
  • Phone Service
  • If Possible, Bring Your Own Air Mattress & Bedding

Flooding in Wolcott

Current road closures

  • Flat Iron Road

Emergency numbers

  • Emergency Manager – Steve Princ – 802-696-9630
  • Selectboard – Kurt Klein – 802-888-8557

Residents are advised not to use their water if they have been flooded

The Town of Wolcott is advising any homeowner/renter who has received flood waters in their
yard, over their well head, or septic system not to use their water until it is tested.
Users should not use the water, even if boiled for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making
ice cubes, making baby bottles, or washing fruits and vegetables.

We are working on obtaining water testing kits.


Call 2-1-1 for assistance with housing, damage to your property or vehicle.

American Red Cross: (800) 733-2767

They can help you with a voucher to purchase new clothing, groceries, essential medications,
bedding, essential furnishings, and other items to meet emergency needs.
They can also provide you with a clean-up kit: mop, broom, bucket and cleaning supplies.

Cleaning up and repairing your home

Turn off electricity at the main breaker!

Repairing your Flooded Home – copies are available at the town office.

  • How to enter home safely.
  • How to protect your home and belongings from further damage.
  • How to record damage to support insurance claims and request for assistance.
  • How to check for gas and water leaks and how have service restored.
  • How to clean up appliances, furniture, floors and other belongings.

We are waiting for FEMA Recovery Center to be set up in Vermont before we can start requesting public assistance for roads, homes and businesses. Rest often and eat well!

Please reach out to the Town if you are seeking help.

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