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Request for Bids: Floodplain Restoration

Construction Services and Sitework at North Wolcott Recreation Fields

The LCPC is assisting the Town of Wolcott in retaining services of a qualified Contractor with experience in floodplain restoration, bank stabilization, large wood removal, and related construction activities to complete a Floodplain Restoration Project at the North Wolcott Recreation Fields. Bids must be clearly marked, and delivered via email to: Meghan Rodier, Regional Planner with the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC), at meghan@lcpcvt.org.

All bids must be received by April 17, 2024, at 4:30 p.m.

Upon receipt, hard copies of all bids will be sealed. Bids will be read aloud on April 29 at 2 p.m. at the Selection Committee Meeting held at the Wolcott Town Office. The design includes:

  • Extending the bank armor along North Wolcott Road at the upstream end of the site to reduce erosion and flood damage to the road.
  • A ballasted engineered log jam is proposed on the meander bend to stabilize the streambank and improve aquatic habitat.
  • The armor will be covered with soil and plantings to naturalize the riparian area.
  • The existing parking area will be moved to the downstream parcel.
  • A mowed path to the recreation field and river will be created.

This project is being funded by the Flood Resilient Communities Fund, administered by Vermont Emergency Management.

A pre-bid meeting will be hosted on-site (2450 North Wolcott Road, Wolcott, VT) on April 10 at 4 p.m. for interested bidders to attend and walk through the Final Design Plans with the engineering team, SLR International Corporation.

The request for bid documents is available for viewing on the LCPC’s website and on the Town of Wolcott. This bid notice was also posted on the Vermont Bid Registry.

All questions on this Bid Request should be sent to Meghan Rodier (meghan@lcpcvt.org) by April 11, 2024.

Project description

Summer of 2022, the Town of Wolcott was awarded a Flood Resilient Communities Fund Grant to design and implement a floodplain restoration concept at the North Wolcott Recreation Fields, located at 2450 North Wolcott Road. In December of 2022, the Town of Wolcott hired SLR International Corporation to evaluate flood mitigation solutions to reduce flood and erosion risks to the recreation fields and restore the floodplain to improve flood resiliency, water quality, and habitat. SLR conducted flood modeling along the Wild Branch to determine the best flood mitigation approach. The preferred alternative balances these project benefits while minimizing maintenance costs and retaining use of the North Wolcott Recreation Fields.

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