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Town Garden and Deport Park

This is the second year we have set up the ice skating rink. Again, it is behind the library in the
garden and park area. Thanks to Fire Chief Jim Holton and his crew for filling the rink. There are
a couple of solar lights to help illuminate the skating area on short winter days.

Last spring was our second annual seed swap. We extend a hearty thank you to High Mowing
Seeds for donating seed packets for those of us in Town to share. The seed swap was followed
by our second annual seedling/plant swap. We were very fortunate to have so many plants
donated to us that were grown right here in Wolcott. We are very appreciative.

The Town Garden consists of nine raised beds. All of the beds are planted by volunteers.
Whatever is produced/harvested in the garden is free to all of us in Town. You are welcome to
enter the garden and harvest what you would like. In exchange, maybe pull some weeds! In an
effort to get the word out, at the end of June we started a farmers market on Wednesdays from
4 to 6 p.m. Thanks to those who volunteered to work in the garden, and to those who brought
excess veggies from their home gardens to the market for distribution. We had a couple other
vendors join us until the market ended in September. We were happy to provide bread &
butter pickles, Dilly beans, and other goodies for the Town Event this summer. During Town
Event, folks could plant a windowsill garden to take home with them.

The Town Garden celebrated its second year in a big way. This was the first year we harvested
garlic. Another crop was planted for harvest this summer. We now have signs that direct folks
to Town Garden and Depot Park. We also had a pollinator garden. Our big project for the year
was construction of an herb spiral. It is a raised garden built in the shape of a spiral. We used
clay bricks that were donated to us. It’s taller in the middle and circles down to ground level, An
advantage is, it offers different growing conditions within the same bed.

Our big project for this summer is to build a giant bug hotel. A bug hotel is a safe space
providing shelter to beneficial insects such as ladybugs, butterflies, and others. It will be
constructed using donated wood and repurposed items and materials from around the house.
Besides providing safe harbor for insects, it also serves as garden art.

Depot Park now has a couple of seating areas. Park benches were situated so one could enjoy
the beauty of the flower garden. Adirondack chairs offered a comfortable spot to sit back and
enjoy the peace and serenity of the Park. Kingdom Timber donated four hand-crafted wooden
benches that are now situated around the fire ring. Some additional pieces will be added to the
Park this summer.

The Selectboard has created a Committee for Town Garden & Depot Park. If you are a Wolcott
resident who would like to take an active role in guiding the future of the garden and the park,
please call the Town Administrator number: 802-888-4376 to express your interest, or email: townadministrator@wolcottvt.org.

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