Adding a new meeting or agenda

  1. Login to the website
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Go to Media and Click Add New Media File

4. Click Select Files and upload the PDF to the website.

5. Once it is uploaded, click on it.

6. Click “Copy URL to Clipboard” and close this pop-up window.

7. Go to the page you need to update (e.g., Selectboard)

8. Click “Edit Page” and the top.

9. Place your cursor behind the text (e.g., “January 3”) and press Return to start a new bullet point.

10. Type the date (e.g., January 17) and then select the text (e.g., triple-click January).

11. With the text selected, click the Create Link icon in the tool bar.

12. Paste the copied URL from step 6 and press Return.

13. Click the blue “Update” button in the upper right corner.

14. Go to the page to check your work.

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