Wolcott Pond Established in about 13,500 years ago

Dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community

Wolcott Pond off of East Hill Road, is about 68 acres in size, has a maximum depth of 23 feet, and is supported by a 920 acre drainage area. A natural lake with artificial height control, Wolcott Pond is popular for warm water fishing and boating.

A large part of Wolcott Pond’s shoreline is protected by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department ownership and management as a public access site. Wolcott Pond is also the home to a nesting pair of Common Loons and a number of endangered terrestrial and aquatic plant species.

Use of Wolcott pond is governed by the rules of the Vermont Water Resources Board, including a 5 mph speed limit on motor boats and a prohibition of personal watercraft. Enforcement of these rules is in the realm of the Vermont State Police and State Game Wardens. The Town of Wolcott urges all pond users to abide by the State’s rules, in order to ensure a safe, pristine and relatively quiet pond area. Local regulations have been implemented to help ensure that development along the shores of Wapanacki Lake and Wolcott Pond is in keeping with the quiet, scenic and pristine nature of these water bodies. This Shorelands zoning district allows development only through conditional use. Other measures could be considered as well, including purchase of development rights to ensure a vegetated buffer area on the shore. Numerous other named and un-named ponds exist in town under private ownership. These ponds range in size for less than an acre to about 9 acres (Perch Pond). Currently state law requires water impoundments of 500,000 cubic feet or more to be approved by an engineer.14 In light of damage from storms, flooding and dam and culvert failure over the past decade, it may be prudent for Wolcott to pursue a local regulation that requires engineer review of even smaller impoundments. There are model ordinances and existing regulations in other towns that may be used as examples for Wolcott.

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